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The Story of de terra.

A Gift from Earth.

de terra., meaning "From Earth" in Latin, came from a cluster of ideas based around trying to make the world a  more sustainable place. With our products and movement we want to make your decision to go green easier.

Whilst we aim to keep those who are already ecologically conscious happy, we will look to branch out and grab the attention of you who are curious or have simply never considered it before. We have all been either one of these people and we understand that learning can be overwhelming at times, our mission is to make your transition go as smoothly as possible.

The human race has always worked with Earth's natural resources throughout history. Let us be the link that reconnects YOU with Earth.

Our plan is for everyone to recognise our icon as being synonymous with an eco-friendly movement which leads us all toward a more sustainable future. 

So why not go green and receive a gift from Earth, to say thank you.