Blog Guidelines

At de terra. we want you to fully express yourself, essentially this is a free market for you spread your wings (creatively speaking). Once you have become a member you will be able to add your own blogs to our site.


Here are some topics to choose from we hope will get your creative juices flowing:


Art & Photography

Books & Literature

Career & Productivity


Food, Drink & Recipes

Health & Wellness


Mental Health


No need to be put off by our list, as we are open to all topics as long as they follow our guidelines.


Your blog posts must follow discriminatory guidelines. They must not include any abusive language towards gender, race, sexuality etc. We believe in the power of community and a core value of ours is that everyone is equal. So we ask you to be empathetic in your views and kind in your ways.

This goes for our comment section as well, any trolling and you will be banned from our community.

There is much more power in coming together and sharing ideas, so be apart of something and not against everything.


Once you become a member you have free range to post what you like within these guidelines. To ensure you are following them, your blog will be proof read before being posted. It will either be accepted or rejected, but nothing will be edited. YOU keep creative control!

If accepted, your blog will be up within 24hrs of it being sent in. This allows us to proof read and get a first glimpse (selfish I know!). We do not intend to claim a blog we haven't written, so be sure to sign it off and add your socials. We will kindly ask you for these if you happen to forget.

There is no pressure on how often you write, we have first hand experience on the frustrations of the creative process!

You can be a seasoned blogger or a novice like our founder. So don't worry if you've never written before, it's never to late to start.

Become a member today and start your blogging journey.

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