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This recipe is a great post or pre workout snack and a healthy alternative to your shop bought snickers. It’s very easy to make and you can make a load in one go!

by @samcooksplantbased_

Allergens: Nuts, Gluten

Snickers have to be one of my favourite chocolate bars but since I turned vegan I struggled to find any plant-based alternatives! So after wracking my brain together and going through a "raw food" phase I decided to make a raw version and possibly healthier alternative (don't quote me on that).

Adding a hint of orange into the mix and you got one of my favourite flavour combinations in one amazing snack. This snack is also very versatile as you can swap out the nuts and also use any flavour chocolate of your choice as well as switching the orange zest with dried raspberry, for example.

Yields 5-6


Caramel Mix:

250g Soaked Dates

1tsp Vanilla Essence

1tsp Maca Powder

1tbsp Peanut Butter

¼ tsp Sea Salt

Orange Zest

Nougat Mix:

1tbsp Caramel (you may need more)

160g Oats


Handful of Peanuts

1 bar Dark Chocolate


  1. Soak the dates for at least 1hr before draining and squeezing any excess water.

  2. Blend the caramel ingredients in a food processor till smooth.

  3. For the nougat, leave about a tbsp of the caramel in the processor before adding the oats.

  4. Add the nougat to a Tupperware box and flatten out to about 1-2inches thick. This will be your bottom layer.

  5. Add the caramel, as your next layer. Roughly 1inch thick.

  6. Press in the peanuts into the caramel. Freeze for minimum 2hrs.

  7. Take out the freezer and cut into bars roughly two fingers thick. Put the bars on a rack in preparation for the chocolate coating.

  8. To melt the chocolate, add water to a pot and bring to the boil. Place a glass bowl on top and break the chocolate into the bowl. Melt the chocolate, stirring to melt evenly. At this point add more zest to the chocolate.

  9. Once melted, pour the chocolate evenly over the bars. Refrigerate for 30mins.

  10. After the bars have chilled they are good to go!

Notes: You can add a thin slice of orange after you have poured the melted chocolate onto the bar (if you want to be fancy).

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