This spice mix is full of flavour and health benefits that will add punch to any dish! The mix of herbs and spices combine to give you a host of benefits ranging from bone health to blood sugar regulation. That was my main aim behind this spice to regulate blood sugar and work against diabetes. As well as this it’s home to multiple antioxidants.

by @samcooksplantbased_

Allergens: Garlic

In Winter and the beginning of Spring it’s hard to find fresh spices in the supermarket so I find dried spices are the perfect alternative to this issue. As someone who has a taste for spicy food, and a love for Mexican cuisine; this was a no brainer. It has the right balance between flavour and spice, and adds a nice kick to any dish. What works best for me is adding a tea spoon to my rice dishes, with a pinch of salt. The flavour then really explodes in your mouth. It follows a similar principle to traditional Mexican spices with adjustments made by me, to suit my tastebuds.


10g Smoked Paprika

10g Cumin

5g Ground Coriander

5g Dried Oregano

3g Garlic Powder

2g Cayenne Pepper

1g Cinnamon

1g Onion Salt


1. Add all ingredients to a mixing bowl and mix together well.

2. Keep in sterilised jars

Notes: This mix makes a great addition to any dishes using grains or beans, especially rice and a black bean frijoles.

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