This juice is ideal for either pre- or post-workout, or even both! The beetroot improves blood flow due to its iron content, in turn improving exercise performance. This makes it a great pre-workout drink! The magnesium content also relaxes the muscles whilst the blueberries accelerate recovery and reduced exercise induced inflammation. As these are both sweet in taste, spiking blood sugar, the cinnamon will regulate this.

by @samcooksplantbased_

Yield 300ml


10 Medium Beetroots

2 Punnets Blueberries

Half a Lime

1tsp Cinnamon


  1. Clean all of the beetroot, including stems then trim all the stems from the beetroot.

  2. Add everything, except cinnamon, bit by bit to your juicer. You can add the stems as well if you like.

  3. Once everything is blended, whisk in the cinnamon to the juice.

  4. Keep the for compost.

Notes: If you are using a blender add 200ml water first then blend everything together, before straining through a muslin cloth or sieve.

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