This smoothie is highly nutritious and a great energy boost for the beginning of the day. It’s not heavy on the stomach, easily digested. It also has a fine balance between omegas and iron which are key for hypothyroidism and any diet in general.

by @samcooksplantbased_

Allergens: None

If you're anything like me, you struggle to add more greens to your diet. Well, here lies the answer adding them to your smoothies or juices! You can add as much as you like to your choice of drink and it will most likely end up being more beneficial as drinks are more easily digested.

My choice would always be a smoothie as it keeps the fibre content which ultimately is lost in juices. The other ingredients in this smoothie are better suited to a smoothie as well, especially something "mushy" like avocado. Using an avocado makes a great substitute if you're not a fan of bananas, which we all know overpower everything they're in! This smoothie will have you jumping off the walls with energy so why not use it as a pre-workout.

Serves 1


Handful of Kale

Handful of Spinach

Half an Avocado

1tbsp Chia Seeds

1 Green Apple

2 Dates

300ml Water or Plant-Milk


1. Put water in the blender first before blending all of the ingredients together.

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